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Preparing Your Property

The old saying “failure to prepare is preparing to fail” definitely applies. You have to be prepared to employ some tactics that will get your property sold for the best price and also quickly. You need to keep in mind that in real estate, it’s usually “a fast game is a good game.” When a property sits on the market, a ‘buyer beware’ mentality kicks in and the market naturally suspects that it hasn’t sold “for a reason”. This is generally not the case at all. It is definitely my job to stop this from occurring but I do need your help in the initial stages. Let’s join forces and get your property sold and get you a great return on your investment.

Getting your property ready is all dependent on how long you're been in your home, what level of maintenance has been upheld, how much of your ‘personality’ can be found in the home and also who the typical buyer of your home is going to be. We always need to keep this in mind. Your home needs to talk to the potential buyer, remember - it’s all about the buyer now! Outside of the Realink Team, I have an extensive and experienced group that I work with to help you achieve the best sale outcome for your property. I have tradespeople, specialised maintenance suppliers, landscapers, cleaners and also highly trusted property stylists.

The preparation process will typically begin with you identifying any concerns and then we do a room-by-room audit of your home. This might sound daunting but, please trust me, it’s not. You just need to consider this as being essential. The important thing to remember here is that you can always determine how long this process takes you. If you think you need time, take the time. If you are more nimble, then we jump straight in. You get to dictate the whole process, I’ll just guide you forward.

Top 7 Preparation Tips

1. First Impressions Count - 

Ensure the presentation from the street is paramount. You want your potential buyer to happily walk into your property, not walk in with any level of reluctance. The lawn needs to be well maintained, the garden looks fresh and healthy, the footpath clear and easy to access and the front gate in working order. The same level of detail is also required for the backyard. You need to have the yard free from obstacles and have furniture clean and well-presented, the deck or paving needs to be clean and so does your pool, if you have one.

2. Clean is key - 

The facade and internal walls need to be cleaned. You need to spend some time and elbow grease getting the sparkle back. Most homes don’t need to worry too much about this but it’s something you do need to consider. Also, cleaning curtains and blinds can make a difference.

3. Kitchen is King - 

Your kitchen needs to be clutter-free. Clear fridge doors, tidy and clear bench tops, pack away appliances where possible and tidy your pantry (if it’s a walk-in). Include a candle, fresh neutral tea towels and a high-end soap dispenser.

4. Bathrooms to shine - 

You may need to update fixtures and fittings, if your budget allows or if needed. At a minimum, this area needs to sparkle and be clear of products from the bath, shower and basin. Fluffy towels and some beautiful hand soap in this room can make a huge difference.

5. Lights ON - 

Make sure every single light fitting and lamp is working and all globes are performing equally. The lighting, including increased natural light, will set the scene.

6. Bedroom Beauty - 

It might be worth getting some new bed linen and investing in some new cushions. Have an inviting, warmth to the bedrooms, making them appealing and luxurious, like a boutique hotel.

7. Decluttering - 

Removal of some personal items, furniture and knick-knacks. This provides the buyer with the opportunity to appreciate the space without distraction.

Creating WOW Photography & 3D Virtual Tours

Our photography checklist below is ideal for jogging your memory about the key items around your property that will always improve the quality of your home's overall presentation. You could even use this checklist to guide you on the level of ‘decluttering’ and also ‘styling’ help you may need. High-quality photography makes the difference in grabbing the attention of your buyer. It’s worth making the effort to gain the buyers

attention instantly.

• Check that all your light bulbs are bright and replace them where necessary

• Mow and rake your lawn

• A sparkling pool makes people smile!

• Fresh linen

• Bathroom – remove bath mats, toothbrush holder, bins, shampoo and conditioner or soaps in the shower and replace the shower curtain

• Wipe down and polish all surfaces

• Fresh flowers or pot plants for example orchid or bromeliad as these will last the entire campaign

• House washing including front fence, pavements and concreted areas

• Clean windows

• Tidy away pet items; food bowl, bed, chew toy and beds

• Remove magnets and notes from the refrigerator as well as the family calendar or corkboards

• Depersonalise the home by removing personal photos and certificates of merit etc. This also assists in maintaining your privacy.



“From beginning to end the service was first rate. I thoroughly recommend Realink team guide anyone through what can be a difficult process.”


“If we ever come to sell our house, which we also bought from Realink, we will just give it to them. I just trust them!”


“We have developed a professional relationship over the years, but it’s more than that now, it’s a friendship based on trust and respect.”


“We found Realink to be a professional agent of integrity; a rare commodity these days. why would you go anywhere else?”


“We particularly valued the frank and useful feedback following open houses. Realink is tireless when perusing a final result and their tenacity achieves results.”


“Personality, the real understanding of people and depth of experience in the market makes Realink a very unique find in the real estate industry.”

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